About Me

My name is Edi Csanalosi and I am an official Dr Joe Dispenza certified trainer and NeuroChangeSolutions Consultant.

I also have Functional Medicine Practitioner (IFM -AFMCP), Registered Nutritional Therapist (BANT, CNHC) and Qualified Yoga Teacher (400 hrs – Yoga Campus, London & One Breath of Yoga, Mexico) qualifications and have been studying, practicing and teaching all things wellbeing to corporates and individuals for over 10 years.

I have also worked in Investment Banking for 16 years.

My Story

I was inspired to go on my journey towards what I call WELLTH, because of my own poor health and wealth due to a very stressful lifestyle working in the city (investment banking) for over 16 years; a lot of trauma in my childhood and even more subconscious beliefs about myself.

Where conventional medicine failed me and just advised me to learn to live with my symptoms (IBS, panic attacks), I just knew there must be something else out there.

My curiosity about the body’s own natural healing power led me to my studies and practices.

My work has been inspired, guided and influenced by many wonderful teachers throughout the years (Dr Joe Dispenza, IFM Faculty, Jo Gamble, Kristina Evans, Kelly Brogan MD), so many amazing yoga teachers in London and India and my beautiful private clients – who had both the courage and the discipline to change their lives for the better with my guidance.


My mission is to bring WOW (Waves of WELLth) to our customers, so that they are empowered to live their highest vibrational expression and spread these coherent waves and to touch millions of hearts


To be an integral part of changing the consciousness and coherence of the world and creating harmony by empowering our clients to generate WOW (Waves of WELLth)

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