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Training Programs

Take a look at our highly recommended training programs that can assist you and your organization in enhancing performance and achieving sustainable outcomes. Inquire about our tailored programs that blend training and coaching to optimize results.

Neuro Change Solutions


Dr. Joe Dispenza has created a unique program that utilizes the principles of neuroscience to help individuals break free from outdated habits that are no longer beneficial and bring about genuine and enduring transformation from within.


The Science & Practice of Heart Coherence

Drawing upon three decades of research, The HeartMath Program empowers individuals to access the wisdom and strength of their hearts, and comprehend how it impacts their perceptions, emotions, intuition, and well-being.

7 Energy Centers


A journey to WELLth through the energy centers, the elements, discovering the amazing Universe of the body systems and learning how to be in tune with them your own unique way.


8 critical capabilities for navigating an unpredictable world

This is a unique customizable learning journey exploring the neuroscience of stress, choice, change and 8 critical capabilities for navigating an unpredictable world. Based on the 2020 book PowerUp8 by Debbie Craig. Designed using the latest brain and behavioral science for learning

Wellness Menu

Community is the guru of the future. We can achieve so much more when we are sitting with our discomfort, change, transformation, and unknown together.
We are so much more accountable when we do something for the group, for the all. Accountability is so much higher when a group supports each other.
So I offer these group sessions/settings/retreats for deeper connections and the most powerful evolution, healing and transformation.
Activate Your WELLTH Rainbow

Nutrition based Webinars, Talks

Wellth is so much more than feeling healthy (that’s very subjective and changes over time) and it’s also much more than wealth. Abundance of energy, vitality, resources and nutrients are our birthright and this course brings together all the tools I’ve learned to enable the individual as well as groups to feel more whole.

Yoga and Wellbeing Retreats

& wellbeing days

I offer Wellbeing and Yoga retreats – with nourishing meal planning, yoga and meals to balance the chakras, wellbeing days for corporate groups, retreats can incorporate the Neuro Change Solutions or 7 Energy Centers courses with additional yoga classes and team bonding activities.

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