The Science & Practice of Heart Coherence

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“The Science and Practice of Heart Coherence” course has been created in collaboration between Dr. Joe Dispenza and the brilliant team of the HeartMath Institute.

The training is based on 30 years of research on the science of heart coherence and the powerful formula which combines the coherence of both the heart and the brain – leading become resilient, be a master of self-regulation and achieve your goals without burnout and breakdown.

This powerful training course gives attendees their power back to remain and increase their resilience, teaches them how to regulate their emotional reactions and behaviours to reduce stress, and helps them to unlock their natural intuitive guidance to make the best decisions.

Self-regulation is a key aspect of emotional intelligence and helps attendees to create a balanced, creative, conscious and healthy/wealthy life. people to break through to greater life in all aspects.

The Training Includes

6 powerful HeartMath Techniques

6 Techniques to unfold your True Potential.

6 hours of in person or virtual training

6 hours of interactive, live and experiential training on scientifically proven methods.