Neuro Change Solutions


by Dr Joe Dispenza

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Change Your Mind… Create New Results” is a powerful training program, created by and based on New York Times best-selling author, international lecturer and researcher Dr Joe Dispenza’s tools and models; designed to help organisations and individuals in achieving sustainable, positive and longlasting changes in every aspect of their lives.

The 12-hour training course will teach the participants about the neuroscience of change; how to move from a state of survival to creation; the tools to make our 3 brains work for us; what meditation really is and why our brainwaves are so important for change and transformation.

The training is interactive and all the tools and exercises are very practical. We encourage each participant to bring their greatest challenges (professional or personal) to the training – where they will learn the formula for a successful transformation.

The Training Includes

2 Models

As a participant you will understand the neuroscience based models and biology of transformation and how to change

4 Tools

You will learn 4 tools that can be applied immediately on a daily basis for your desired results