8 critical capabilities for navigating an unpredictable world

by Debbie Craig


This is a unique customizable learning journey exploring the neuroscience of stress, choice, change and 8 critical capabilities for navigating an unpredictable world. Based on the NEW 2020 book PowerUp8 by Debbie Craig. Designed using the latest brain and behavioural science for learning.

Modules include:

  • Top Future Trends and Capabilities
  • Neuroscience of Choice and Change
  • Curiosity & Creativity
  • Courage & Change navigator
  • Conscious & Critical thinker
  • Collaborator & Contributor

The program includes 16 hours of virtual or in-person facilitated sessions; tools, workbook; reflection exercises, Interactive activities; videos; life application projects and a 21-day support program to embed learning.

Each core capability “C” covers the “why” and suggested identity, belief & habit shifts to enable sustained results.

The Process


The world of work is changing exponentially as rapid technological innovation and global forces are compelling businesses to disrupt traditional industry models and adopt new digital strategies and skills to compete. This requires new future-fit thinking, habits and capability to learn, adapt, experiment and fail fast.


We need people who are intensely curious, originally creative, courageously committed, consciously choosing, critical thinkers, trust building collaborators, change navigators and generous community contributors. We also need people who understand the Neuroscience of choice and change and actively cultivate the identities, beliefs and habits to disrupt themselves before they are disrupted.